Ambassadors to the future

If you have a little time today, go take a look at the Clean Energy Ambassadors network site that went up recently. Ambassadors began as a Plains Justice program in 2007, about the time we first found ourselves fighting a wave of new coal plants.

Clean Energy Ambassadors bring energy efficiency and renewable energy expertise where it's needed most - your hometown.

We wanted to provide much-needed energy efficiency and renewable energy programming expertise to managers, directors and members of consumer-owned utilities – and prove that we have a solid plan for a clean energy future.

The first Ambassador was Glenn Cannon, a past chair of the American Public Power Association and long-time general manager of Waverly Light & Power of Waverly, Iowa. Waverly, with a population of about 4600, has managed to run cost-effective clean energy programming for decades, even as the rest of the world was just waking up to the concept.

The new Clean Energy Ambassadors site brings that kind of expertise to the fingertips of anyone who needs it, and offers a peer network to weigh in on results. You can logon, create a profile, and interact with anyone from experienced utility veterans to rural electric cooperative members looking for interesting programs for their local utility. We’re trying to get the word out, find new partnerships for the program, and organize trainings requested by utility participants. Watch the blog for news about our winter 2010-2011 Clean Energy Ambassadors webinar series!

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