At least we agree on one thing…

I had to laugh. Someone has actually written a book called “Green Hell: How Environmentalists Plan to Control Your Life and What You Can Do to Stop Them (not to be confused with The Green Hell: A Concise History of the Chaco War Between Bolivia and Paraguay 1932-35). One day, when I control everyone, I hope that includes my 10-year-old. Am I really perverse that this sort of thing makes me giggle? If I were in fact a communist bent on world domination, I would be the first to hang my big red flag next to the petunias. I’m not exactly shy about my political beliefs. The turn of mind that sees efforts to preserve the ecosystems that keep us all alive and perceives a dangerous subversive agenda intrigues me. What must it be like to live inside a head like that? Scary, I’ll bet.

Anyway, I checked out Steve Milloy’s blog (he also maintains and found a post about so-called “clean coal technology” that I agree with just about 90% (aside from the part where he says that coal is already clean). It’s  refreshing to hear someone on the climate denial end of things acknowledge that carbon capture and storage is a ruinously expensive, dangerous Pipeline to Nowhere that will never work no matter how much money we throw at it. We could find some common ground on this. That is, until we get to the part where he starts calling environmentalists “the vilest bastards on the planet” – or maybe there he’s referring to the duly elected Obama administration and Congressional majority. When Milloy’s sea of bile started rising around my ankles I decided to get back to work. Ain’t freedom of speech grand?

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3 Responses to At least we agree on one thing…

  1. Doug Wagner says:

    There’s plenty of room for conservatives at the table if they decide to step up. Disagreement is fine…but let’s find the areas of Teddy Roosevelt/Boy Scouts of America conservation we can agree on and start there. Even examining some of the things Plains Justice is involved in, it’s clear that there’s no sound economic rationale behind TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline. ( My fellow conservatives should be up in arms about this one!

  2. claseur says:

    There are a lot of very sensible, classically conservative responses to the climate challenge. Strong, cost-effective energy efficiency programming is one of them. Preserve what you have. Use your resources prudently. Save something for tomorrow. These are bedrock conservative values … right?

  3. “Green Hell” sounds like a twist on reductio ad Hitleram: when an argument has to resort to portraying opponents as bent on world domination, the argument has proven itself invalid.

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