Top 10 Reasons to Donate to Plains Justice

Donate to Plains Justice. Do it today, because we do work that matters to the neighborhood and the planet you love. Here are 10 good reasons why Plains Justice should be your favorite charity.

10. We employ Democrats, Republicans, and people who won’t tell us who they vote for.

9. We developed and maintain CoalDiver, a “just the facts, ma’am” website providing as much information as we can dig up about the coal mining industry in America, and focus more tightly on Iowa coal plants with our Coal in Iowa site.

8. We run the Clean Energy Ambassadors program, an outreach by experts to the consumer-owned utility industry, helping utility boards and managers establish cost-effective clean energy programming that will benefit customers and keep bills and rates down.

7. Plains Justice created and is developing the Iowa Business Coalition for Energy Efficiency, an effort to support business efficiency efforts as well as entrepreneurship in the energy efficiency sector.

6. We keep constituent communities and supporters informed on a daily basis with our blogs, Plains Justice Today and Great Plains Tar Sands Pipelines.

5. Our staffers are hometown kids who actually get to stay in our Northern Plains states and do work we love and believe in.

4. We are standing shoulder to shoulder with the people of South Heart, ND, who are fighting proposals for a massive strip mine and at least two coal processing facilities at the doorstep of their quiet ranching community, 10 miles from Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

3. There are too few people in the vast region we serve who are financially able to support this kind of public interest work. We need every single supporter very much.

2. We produced a pipeline safety report that is being used by Congress to direct the federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration to promulgate new regulations and enforcement.

1. With the people of Waterloo and Cedar Falls, Iowa, residents of rural Black Hawk County, and many other committed allies, we helped save Merle Bell’s century farm, which would otherwise be underneath a 750 MW merchant coal plant by now. Donate today.

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