Powder River Basin coal mines [VIDEO]

Trying out this newfangled video technology, Plains Justice staff recently put together this view into the coal mines of the Powder River Basin in northeast Wyoming. “Enjoy” probably isn’t the right word.

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3 Responses to Powder River Basin coal mines [VIDEO]

  1. Shane A.A. Abel says:

    Geez! I don’t have a problem with mining, or coal, I’d rather coal than nuclear and you need coal to make wind mills and solar panels, It’s the only thing with enough instant energy. But I do have a problem with open pit mining and montain top blasting, this is pretty disturbing. It isn’t any more efficient in the long run, you have to filter out the minerals you need, it’s just quicker and lowers labor costs, that’s the only reason they do it, greed.

  2. linzi Whittingham says:

    Watching this makes me feel powerless and depressed. I think the human race is suffering from self-loathing on a grand scale. We are so out of touch with the planet and nature.

    • claseur says:

      Well, powerlessness and depression weren’t what we were shooting for, so maybe we overdid it. But knowledge is power. Now that you know what’s going on in the PRB, pass it on. We live in a very isolated place where it’s hard to get stories out to the rest of the world, so you are a lifeline!

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