Public Power Webinar Series

A new webinar series sponsored by Plains Justice’s Clean Energy Ambassadors program is responding to direct requests for expert guidance from consumer-owned utilities across the region. This free lunchtime series begins November 16 and will continue for 6 months on the third Tuesday of each month at the same time (noon Central). The presentations, by utility experts, will run about half an hour, followed by Q &A.

A registration link is going up on the Clean Energy Ambassadors network site today. While you’re there, log on and create a profile to participate in the conversation about strengthening consumer-owned utilities’ efforts to expand energy efficiency and renewable energy programming!

Many thanks to Western Area Power Administration for featuring the webinar series in its November Energy Services Bulletin (coming soon).

The following topics will be covered. Suggestions for future topics are welcome.

Webinar 1: Low Cost/No Cost Energy Savers – November 16

Help your customers reduce their bills using measures that are proven to give lots of bang for little bucks. Compare give-away programs, direct installs, and strategies to boost customer follow-through. Speakers from Springfield City Water Light and Power in Illinois and the City of Boulder, Colorado.

Webinar 2: Infrared Cameras – The Utility How and Why – December 20

Learn how you can use an IR camera to detect and repair distribution system losses, inefficient or failing motors, heat loss from poor insulation, and more. You may even qualify for a free loaner camera from Western Area Power Administration.

Webinar 3: Utility Help for Non-English Speakers – January 18

Find out how other utilities have learned to help Spanish-speaking customers and customers who speak even less common languages. We’ll make handouts available online, pertaining to billing questions and especially to energy efficiency.

Webinar 4: Which Energy Audit Strategy Suits Your Needs – February 15

Western Area Power Administration’s Ron Horstman shares experience with all kinds of energy audits, and Linn County (IA) REC’s Steve Carroll shares tips that have worked to ensure that costly on-site audits result in worthwhile energy investments, while customers who have simpler questions get simpler answers.

Webinar 5: Energy Efficiency Tips for Small Businesses – March 15

Energy Ambassador Jill Cliburn shares tips from the APPA Guide, Energy Matters for Small Business, which she authored. She will also share stories from the field about how to to run a successful energy-management program for these customers.

Webinar 6: Schools – A Top Choice for Energy Savings and Outreach – April 19

Learn about your choices among the programs that are out there to help you help your schools. We’ll start with reps from the Alliance to Save Energy Green Schools Program and the student-centered Green Schools Alliance, but we’ll provide resources and discussion of many more.

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