If you can’t complete a mining permit application correctly…

should you be allowed to operate a 7000 acre strip mine less than 20 miles from a national park?

Last week the North Dakota Public Service Commission issued a three page deficiency letter to South Heart Coal, rejecting the company’s third attempt to file a correct mining permit application with the state for a strip mine near South Heart, ND. Believe it or not, this outcome represents an improvement for South Heart Coal. The first and second application attempts resulted in much longer deficiency letters. In the words of local rancher Mary Hodell, shouldn’t there be a three strike rule?

The missing information includes:

  1. Introductory, Financial, and Compliance Related Information
  2. Surface Water Information
  3. Mine Support Facilities
  4. Transportation Facilities
  5. Surface Water
  6. Reclamation Costs

The link to the third version of the application leads you to CoalDiver, Plains Justice’s innovative coal information site. The only other way to get the application is to request the DVD from the ND PSC. Get it here first, folks.

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