Small Utilities, Big Changes

What a terrific webinar today by Clean Energy Ambassadors, Plains Justice’s innovative peer-to-peer outreach to consumer-owned utilities. With over 60 participants from small utilities across the country that want to use infrared camera technology to lower energy loss on their distribution systems and at customers’ businesses and residences, today’s webinar was a great example of ordinary people moving our nation forward. The Clean Energy Ambassador webinars have become a saving grace to me this winter. Just when I think I’m full up with bad news about what’s happening to our planet and our country, I get on the phone for an hour with people who are doing amazing things out in the middle of nowhere.

Today’s presenters came from infrared camera manufacturer Flir and Moon Lake (UT) Electric Association, where staff check distribution infrastructure with an IR camera to make sure they’re not losing valuable power to malfunctions. The presentations are all available on the Ambassadors website. On the Members page, there’s a great group of utility staff and consultants and nonprofit experts who are available to talk about clean energy challenges and offer the wisdom of their experience. If you haven’t logged on yet, check it out. If it makes you feel as hopeful as I do that ordinary people really can be the change, then make a nice big Christmas donation to Plains Justice to keep this great program going!

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