South Heart Coal-to-Hydrogen Plant Letter of Intent

Update! It turns out that South Heart Energy Development LLC (SHED) filed its PSC letter of intent for a coal-to-hydrogen plant at South Heart on Dec. 13, 2010 (filestamped December 16, 2010). The letter notifies the ND Public Service Commission of SHED’s intent to build a $2.2 billion, 175 megawatt Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) minemouth plant at South Heart. The plant would gasify coal into hydrogen, then use the hydrogen to fuel a combustion turbine to generate electric power. A January 23, 2008 letter of intent proposed a coal-to-natural gas plant and this letter updates that plan.

According to the letter:

The planned facility would be a nominal 175 MW-net IGCC facility. The facility will use three BGL gasifiers and associated downstream process units to convert lignite from the adjacent mine into hydrogen. That hydrogen will be used to fuel a combustion turbine (CT) that will drive a generator to produce electricity. The heat energy contained in the turbine exhaust will be recovered in a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) that will produce steam used to drive a steam turbine. That steam turbine will drive a second generator. This configuration is commonly referred to as IGCC.

As currently designed, the process will capture just over 90% of the carbon originally contained in the coal. That carbon, in the form of CO2, will be transported via pipeline to oil fields in the Williston Basin for use for enhanced oil recovery (EOR).

The facility is intended to serve the electric power needs of North Dakota, North Dakota industries, and the people and industries of the Upper Midwest.

Construction would begin no earlier than summer 2013 and last roughly 4 years.

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