Art and the Environment Exhibit @ UNI

Longtime Plains Justice friend and supporter Margaret Whiting of Cedar Falls, Iowa, will give a talk titled “Art as a Medium for Environmental Awareness” next Tuesday, January 18, at 7 PM at the University of Northern Iowa Art Gallery auditorium.

She will show images of her artwork about deforestation, climate change, the potential dangers of genetically engineered foods, and the mining law of 1872. Art projects from several other artists around the world will be discussed including Stephanie Rahmstorf’s CO2 pins, Agnes Denes “Tree Mountain-A Living Time Capsule-involving 11,000 trees, 11,000 people and 400 years”, Joseph Beuys “7,000 Oaks project,  Helen and Newton Harrison “Greenhouse Britain.”

If you’re near Cedar Falls, please come out to show your support for Margaret’s important and beautiful work!

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One Response to Art and the Environment Exhibit @ UNI

  1. Margaret Whiting had an exhibition at the Nevada Museum of Art in 2007/2008 featuring similar works. They’re beautiful, dense, and ripe with meaning. Readers interested in Margaret’s work might be similarly interested in the Museum’s Art + Environment conference linked above, scheduled for September 29-October 1, 2011. Information about the 2008 conference is at

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