New Study Shows Possible 100% Renewable Energy by 2050

In a recent article in Energy Policy Journal, researchers from Stanford University and the University of California-Davis claim that in the next 40 years it is possible for the world to move from fossil fuels to renewable, green energy.

“There are no technological or economic barriers to converting the entire world to clean, renewable energy sources, said author Mark Jacobson, a Stanford professor, saying it is only a question of ‘whether we have the societal and political will.’ During this decade, the two ‘fuels of the future’will be electricity and gasoline. Beyond that, we can’t project.”

Assessing the costs and benefits, the researchers determined that the use of wind and solar power will increase, along with Hydroelectric and geothermal sources, thus eliminating the need for fossil fuels. They go on to discuss what needs to be done to convert this energy.

The analysis shows that the land and raw materials needed won’t pose a problem. What will be needed is a much more robust electrical grid. By 2030, say the authors, all new generating capacity can be provided by renewable sources, with no further fossil-fuel plants built globally.

One of the last steps would be converting already existing generating plants to green energy from fossil fuels.  Researchers believe this all possible by 2050 with the right political and social mindset.






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