Request for Help from Environmental Integrity Project

Dear Friends,
Next week we are very likely to face the amendment that was passed by the US House or Representatives to strip US EPA of its funding for the hazardous waste regulation of coal ash again — this time on the floor of the US Senate as it deliberates over a new budget bill (Continuing Resolution) to fund the government for seven more months.  Senate passage of this egregious proposal to slash EPA’s funding will place great pressure on the Obama Administration to back off of the hazardous waste regulation – leaving EPA unable to enforce basic safeguards at toxic coal ash dumps such as liners, covers or monitoring and thousands of American communities nearby in harm’s way.

Nearly a half million Americans submitted comments on the EPA’s proposed coal ash rules with a majority of them in support of these minimum safeguards.  More than a thousand individuals, a majority of those who traveled to 8 day-long EPA hearings, supported these safeguards.  Clearly, Americans have voiced their support FOR protection of our drinking water and public health by the US EPA.

Please call your Senators today and urge them to vote NO to any amendments to cut the US EPA’s authority to protect our health from toxic coal ash in a hazardous waste regulation.

Use this link to find phone numbers for your Senators – you just need to type in your zip code:

1.  Tell your Senators you want them to uphold the rule-making process and the comments that their constituents submitted on the EPA coal ash regulation.

2.  Tell them to let the US EPA to do its job and protect public health from coal ash in a hazardous waste regulation.

3.  Ask them if you can count on their support for basic safeguards to protect public health from toxic coal ash.

After you make your call, please let us know you’ve made the calls and what their offices said.  Send your responses to:

Please let your US Senators know today that Americans throughout the country want to be protected – call them immediately and tell them to ensure our right to safe drinking water.

Thanks for your continuing help and please spread the word.


Jeff Stant

Director, Coal Combustion Waste Initiative

Environmental Integrity Project

5819 Lowell Avenue

Indianapolis, IN  46219

Phone: 317-359-1306





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