Concerned Residents Gather Signatures to Oppose Coal Mine

Coal may play an important role in North Dakota, but many concerned residents have decided that they will not stand by and watch as it destroys the environment and economy in South Heart. On March 15, KFYR- News reported that a group called Neighbors United went to the Capital to deliver over 3,000 post cards that had been signed by citizens asking the North Dakota Public Service Commission to deny approval of the proposed coal mine and power plant permit applications.

“The impact would be devastating, not only on the park, but on the local economy,” said Mary Hodell of the Neighbors United group. “This is agricultural land. There is agricultural land surrounding it. You take away what water wells, and dry up, you know, there is not going to be a lot of cattle in the area. Farmers are going to be selling out, moving. That will take away all the wheat fields.”

While the company, that will be running the mine, will be given a chance to respond to the concerns, citizens are hoping that their post card campaign will draw more attention to the proposed mine and power plant and the destruction it may cause if it is approved.

“Anything worth having is worth fighting for,” said Hodell.



About Stevie Moe

Program Assistant for Plains Justice
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