Energy Subsidies

Interesting post over on Ken Ward’s Coal Tattoo blog about relative subsidies for coal and other forms of energy produced in the U.S.  He writes (as are others) about DBL (Double Bottom Line) Investors’ recent report titled: “What Would Jefferson Do? The Historical Role of Federal Subsidies in Shaping America’s Energy Future.”  The nutshell?  The federal government has always pushed shifts to new forms of energy with big (read really big) subsidies, and renewables aren’t getting nearly the push that coal, oil and gas, and nuclear got in their day.  Also, this idea that renewables are uneconomic is a strawman.  New forms of energy are always expensive relative to existing power sources until they scale up to become the new standard.  Hence the need for subsidies.  You think building a wind farm is expensive?  Try building a nuke plant.

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